Boarding at Bleu Valley Farm

Bleu Valley Farm offers a limited number of openings for trail riders, pleasure riders and devoted horse owners who desire an exceptional facility located directly on the Gateway Trail system.  As good boarding facilities become increasingly difficult to find, Bleu Valley Farm provides options for those seeking exceptional care and housing for their equine partners. We are located in the beautiful St. Croix Valley of Stillwater, Minnesota. Generally, we believe horses are healthier and happier when they live outside in compatible herds and good shelter.  For owners & horses that need indoor housing, large box stalls are available in a clean, airy, and spacious heated barn.  We offer pricing for “Pasture Board” and “Stall Board” — whatever best meets the needs of individual horses.  Every horse at Bleu Valley Farm is carefully looked over twice each day at grain time, and on-site owners are able to monitor horses throughout the day.  Our barn staff are made up of people who love horses and are passionate about caring for them.

Formerly a Thoroughbred breeding & race horse lay-up facility, we will be modifying and changing things to cater to the needs of pleasure riders over the next few years.  Our goal is to provide an outstanding facility with a quiet, safe and peaceful environment for the horses who live here.

Included in general board are the following:

  • High quality pasture
  • Unlimited alfalfa/grass mix hay
  • Ration Balancer type grain blend – twice daily, or your preferred formula when possible
  • Diet supplements as needed
  • Spacious run-in shelters (bedded deeply in straw during cold winter months)
  • Safe Ramm Fencing with electric reinforcement
  • Salt/Mineral blocks
  • Box stalls with hay feeders, grain feeders and windows
  • In-floor heated barn
  • Ventilation system, overhead fans
  • 55 x 60 indoor arena for lunging, ground work and gymnastic riding
  • outdoor grass arena
  • miles and miles of beautiful trails on the Gateway Trail which runs directly through the property
  • automatic waterers for a constant source of fresh water
  • covered hay feeders keep hay fresh, clean and off the ground
  • lounge/barn office with small refrigerator
  • wash area

If you are interested in boarding, please contact us, come out for a tour of the farm, and we can discuss your needs, board rates, and available openings.

Call or text Deb Hilger at 651-338-7476, or email at